Grades 9-12

What is Kyrios?

Kyrios is our fellowship for those in grades 9-12 that typically meets every Friday between September to July from 7:30-9:30pm. A variety of programs are planned throughout the year to help students grow upward, inward and outward in their spiritual walk during these crucial formative teenage years.

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Snow Camp 2019

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the busyness & stress of school, life, and work? Are you constantly distracted by social media, smart phones, Youtube and video games? Are you able to find time to be still and meditate? This winter break, come join us at at Elm Lodge to rest, relax, and play in the great outdoors while taking the opportunity to explore God’s Word and hear how He wants us to live for Him in our daily lives.

This year's snow camp will be on
December 26th-29th (Thurs - Sun)

Here's a (historical) sneak peek into what Snow Camp is about.

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