What to Expect

From our weekend worship service

10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Getting here...

If you're coming by car, look to park in the spots that are surrounding the church building, or those that are not marked by orange and blue numbers. There are three free parking areas adjacent to the South, West and East sides of the building. Please do NOT park in front of either 50 or 80 Acadia buildings as those are reserved for our neighbours.

If you're coming via Public Transit, it is a 6 minute walk from the corner of Warden and Steeles.

What to wear?

Although we believe the attitude and heart of an individual is of utmost importance when we gather to worship, this is still a very valid question! The outward appearance does have an impact on those we get to worship with (and we all certainly need to wear SOMETHING...). The likelihood of sitting next to someone in a full suit and tie is quite small, (although welcomed!) while others may choose to come in with jeans and a t-shirt. Caps and hats typically are not worn during our worship service.

Most people are somewhere in the "business casual" realm (with a leaning more towards the casual) and modesty is certainly appreciated. Ultimately, know that you won't be turned away for not meeting some sort of dresscode if you're visiting so don't let clothing be something that stops you from joining us!

Sunday Worship Gathering

Our weekly worship gathering is approximately 80 minutes and is meant for those who are 14 and up (Grade 9). This will typically include a live band that leads our congregation in musical worship, interspersed with moments of corporate prayer, reading of scripture and the preaching of God's word by one of our pastoral staff. Let this be an opportunity for your soul to be renewed, your spirit to be uplifted, and your life to be transformed through your presence and participation in the rhythms of the Gospel.

Some people will raise their hands, while others may not and that's totally okay! There will be instructions from the worship leader to stand at various times, as a way of reflecting the truth that we worship with our whole being. If you're visiting, you won't be singled out to stand on your own, but do feel free to say hi to anybody with a purple lanyard and let them know you're new before or after the service so they can answer any questions or even connect you with some of our community.

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For the Kids!

Our Sunday morning children's ministries are available starting from the nursery all the way up to 13 (grade 8)! These are available during our 9:40-11:00am worship service time. One of our friendly ushers would be more than happy to help get you to the appropriate room.Children's C.E. classes happen from 11:30-12:30 with our team of energetic and passionate volunteers who have a heart for kids to get to know and love Jesus in a deeper way.

Sunday Kids Ministry

After Service

After our worship service, don't be in a hurry to head out the door, since church doesn't end after the closing prayer!

Need a quiet refuge to reflect on what God has said to you that morning? Head to our prayer room just outside the sanctuary. There will be someone to pray for you or feel free to simply take some time for yourself.

Stop by the welcome booth for more information, head to the gym to catch up with old friends, or make some new ones!

The Oasis Café operates between 11:00-11:30am and there are various Christian Education classes happening between 11:30-12:30 for both kids and adults to help equip you for your spiritual journey.


After service, come by for a warm beverage or snack to connect with people from our community and stay awhile!